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It’s now 40 years since the eastern wing of the country became Bangladesh. The bloody civil war that broke this country also divided the historical narrative of the events that led to the making of Bangladesh.After nine months of internal strife and a military crackdown against Bangladeshi separatists, the war with India lasted 13 days.For Pakistan,16 December 1971 was perhaps the darkest moment in its history. Tens of thousands of Pakistani soldiers were taken prisoners of war.

December 16, 1971 remembered as a black day, when Pakistan lost its eastern part during a war with India.

Analysts said, The country’s founding leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and General Yahya Khan were important characters in the separation of Bangladesh.

But many in Pakistan still feel that we cannot really blame any single person.

The break-up of a Muslim land is never pleasant but our politicians did not learned any lesson from the history.

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